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welded type cement silo

Field of application: The cement tank is one closed storing suitable for storage grain, cement and fly ash various bulk materials . The tank is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and amount of the material, and breaks the hole..
Equipment introduction
The cement silo (cement tank) consists of: steel structure part, ladders, guardrail,  feeding pipes, dust collectors, pressure relief valves, difference in degree level gage, and discharge valves.
Description of dust removal system, broken arch device and material level device:
Integral-type cement silo
1、Dusting system: Top of cement silo is equipped with electric dusting device, which can effectively adsorb suspended particles in the silo and reduce the surrounding environment pollution.
2、Breaking arch device: The cement silo have  equipped with an air-blast arch-breaking device at the lower cone.  The small electromagnetic directional valve in the air control box is used to control the release of compressed air to break the arch of cement and various powders to avoid the powder heap and Cause blockage.
3、Material level device: The cement bin level device can sense the storage height of the material in the bin.
Cement tanks (also called bulk cement tanks and cement silos) are generally used in the storage of bulk cement in concrete mixing stations. Cement tanks is one closed tank suitable for store grain, cement, fly ash and so on all kinds of bulk materials.  The tank is equipped with a material level system can show the position and quantity of the material. And the hole-breaking device can relieve the solidity caused by the material deposition for too long. Cement silo and screw conveyor pump use together  can make the material  transport to various locations. The tank is easy to install safe and reliable as an ideal bulk storage tank for various mixing plants.
Technical Parameters
Model capacity(T) diameter(m) Total height of tank(m)
JXZ-30 30 2.5 11.4
JXZ-50 50 3 12
JXZ-80 80 3 15.6
JXZ-100 100 3 18
JXZ-150 150 3 29
JXZ-200 200 4.5 25.2
JXZ-300 300 4.5 29.5
JXZ-500 500 6 28.8
Model capacity(T) diameter(m)
JXZ-30 30 2.5
JXZ-50 50 3
JXZ-80 80 3
JXZ-100 100 3
JXZ-150 150 3
JXZ-200 200 4.5
JXZ-300 300 4.5
JXZ-500 500 6
Product advantages
1. Cement tank is usually used as support products for concrete mixing stations (buildings).
2. Suitable for loading bulk cement and dry fly ash. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to use. The size can also be made according to the customer's requirements.
3. The structure is generally cylindrical with dust removal device at the top to prevent dust from leaking. The lower part is equipped with an arch-break device to prevent the powder from agglomerating and the powder is discharged smoothly. It is equipped with material level sensing equipment and can be master material usage in the tank at any time.
4. Generally use the bulk cement conveyer truck send the powder gas into the bin. According to the structure of the cement bin, there are two ways to discharge the material. First, the lower part is connected with the screw conveyor and the powder is sent into Powder metering by a screw conveyor. The second is use of pneumatic conveying (For a special structure of cement tank).

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