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Treatment method of switch fault of batching machine in concrete mixing plant equipment

        The batching machine is a part of the equipment of the mixing station. Through the operation of the concrete batching machine, the materials are weighed, proportioned and then transported to the mixer for mixing. The batching machine is matched with the mixer, and then centrally controlled by the control system, which can have high production efficiency. Whether it is a large-scale commercial concrete mixing plant or an engineering concrete mixing plant, it is applicable. The engineering mixing plant can choose a small model appropriately, which is more cost-effective.

 concrete mixing plant equipment
      The structure of the batching machine is not complicated. If the daily maintenance is proper, there will generally be no malfunctions, and even problems can be found and resolved in time. The switch of the concrete batching machine is a place that is easily overlooked in daily maintenance and repair. If this happens, you need to stop work in time and repair it. The door opening and closing failure of the batching machine is usually caused by foreign objects stuck or the pressure of the air supply system is too low, the discharge port is deformed, the running pin is stuck, etc. The solution can be first to confirm which kind of fault is, and then take the corresponding The corresponding approach. It can be eliminated by adjusting the air pressure and adding lubricating butter to see if the problem can be solved, and then repair the inlet and remove the material near the outlet.
        The above is the solution to the failure of the equipment batching machine discharge gate f the engineering concrete mixing station. As a concrete machinery manufacturer, Zhengzhou Jianxin not only provides high-quality equipment and free installation services, but also systematic technical knowledge, including concrete production technology, equipment use and Maintenance, etc., fundamentally help users solve problems.

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