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Double line concrete mixing station-Jianxin HZS90 concrete mixing station

 In the past customer cases of Jianxin Machinery's concrete mixing stations, some were designed into two production lines according to user requirements. For example, the scale required by the user is more than 180 cubic meters per hour, and dual-line production is required. Eventually, it will be installed into two production lines of HZS90 concrete mixing station. This has many advantages. Save costs by opening a production line. And if the equipment of one line fails, the other production line can continue to produce, which is an advantage that a single 180-hour mixing station equipment does not have.
Double 90 mixing station
       Double-line concrete mixing station uses two sets of concrete mixing station equipment, and double 90 mixing station uses two sets of HZS90 concrete mixing station for production. It has two JS1500 concrete mixers, two PLD2400 concrete batching machines and belt conveyors. Just in Liuzhou, Guangxi, there is a commercial concrete mixing plant using a double HZS90 concrete mixing plant from Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery. Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery participated in the manufacturing of the equipment, the design of the installation plan, and the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Through reasonable site planning, the mainframes of the two lines are installed together and closed for external packaging, and two belt conveyors connecting the mixer and the aggregate bin are packaged to achieve the environmental protection purpose of controlling dust.
       The double-line concrete mixing station and the single-line concrete mixing station have their own characteristics. In contrast, the single-line mixing station has a small footprint and is easy to manage. The double-line concrete mixing station is composed of two sets of equipment. First of all, it requires a lot of floor space and requires more operating and management personnel. The two-line mixing station also has the advantage that two production lines are running at the same time. If the equipment of one line fails, it will not affect the production of the other line, and if there is only one line, it will have to stop and repair when a failure occurs. Affect the overall production schedule. Choosing which device also requires the user to consider the actual needs.
hzs90 concrete mixing station

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