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Small HZS25 concrete mixing plant received high praise from customers in Changsha, Hunan

Near the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery made a return call to some old customers. Many users on the phone stated that they were operating normally and the effect was very good. For the operation problems raised by individual users, Jianxin staff also gave detailed information. answer. I heard from the phone that there was a customer in Changsha, Hunan, who bought a new HZS25 concrete mixing plant before the Mid-Autumn Festival last year. It has been one year since then. The equipment has run well in this year and has created a lot of revenue for users. It is said that within two years, it will expand the scale and upgrade the equipment. At that time, it will also choose to build new HZS25 concrete mixing station equipment.
      The 25 type mixing station produces 25 cubic meters of concrete at a time. It is a small concrete mixing station suitable for small-scale building construction, concrete prefabrication plants or small commercial concrete mixing stations. It has the function of automatic loading and automatic mixing. It consists of JS500 concrete mixer, feeding, batching, electrical control and steel structure. HZS25 concrete mixing station is the smallest model of new mechanical concrete mixing station equipment. It has the advantages of automatic production and uniform mixing. Especially in the situation of development and transformation in rural areas in recent years, HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 small concrete mixing stations Rural areas are very popular.
       How much is a set of 25 type mixing station? Its main configuration includes: JS500 forced mixer, PLD800 batching machine, a 100t cement bin, a 219 screw, weighing system, electrical control system, electrical system. The entire equipment covers a small area and the input cost is not high, which can be applied to most general-scale engineering projects. Regarding the specific price, you can directly ask the customer service staff of the new machine to ask for the equipment quotation.

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