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How much is the 75 concrete mixing station? Is the investment profit high?

hengzhou Jianxin Machinery 75 concrete mixing station has the characteristics of small investment capital, small occupied space, less power equipment, and easy equipment maintenance. The cost of 75 concrete mixing station has a great relationship with equipment configuration. Generally speaking, a standard set of 75 The concrete mixing station includes equipment such as JS1500 mixer, PLD2400 batching machine, lifting bucket, cement silo and screw conveyor. However, different customers have different requirements on the number of cement silos and the number of batching bins. The price of 75 concrete mixing plant is also natural. It’s not the same. The price of 75 concrete mixing stations on the market is around 300,000, which can be used as a reference.
       The annual output of HZS75 concrete mixing plant and the 75-square concrete mixing station complete equipment have good investment returns. The annual output of concrete is about 150,000 square meters (8 hours a day, 300 days a year), and the annual sales volume is 7.5. In the calculation of Wanfang, the profit can be 6.21 million yuan/year.
       The large shaft hole of the mixer of Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery 75 concrete mixing station is used for large-scale CNC milling and boring machine. The clamping position is fixed in one time. The error is guaranteed within 0.03 mm, which greatly improves the quality of the mixing concrete. The mixing large shaft adopts No. 45. Steel, yield strength 355MPa, tensile strength 660MPa, Rockwell hardness 50, each accessory is branded at home and abroad; all equipment uses large-scale sandblasting and descaling machine, combined with environmentally friendly three-layer painting, can eliminate steel welding stress, It also improves the service life of the equipment in harsh working conditions.
75 concrete mixing station

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