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New machinery Fujian Zhangzhou 50 concrete mixing plant was built

Recently, Jianxin Machinery completed the construction of the 50 model concrete mixing plant built for customers in Zhangzhou, Fujian. This type of mixing station produces 50 cubic meters, equipped with JS1000 concrete mixer, PLD1600 batching machine, screw conveyor, microcomputer control system, etc. The production capacity is high quality, and the environmental protection performance is excellent. The powder operation is carried out in a fully enclosed system, dust Less pollution, it is a high-quality mixing station in the market.
The Jianxin Machinery adheres to the sales philosophy of “recommending products that meet customer needs to customers, treating customers as friends, and thinking of customers”, carefully examining the regulatory policies, production environment and production needs of customers. The economical and practical mixing station configuration plan was designed. Manager Wang, who is responsible for the customer construction, has a lot of experience: “The essence of sales is to establish a relationship with the user, not a simple trading relationship. Although we are through the product Becoming a friend, but we must treat our customers as our friends and relatives. Selling equipment is only the first step. Service and feelings are our purpose. For example, we have to visit customers regularly and actively return customers. We ask customers regularly. Are you experiencing some problems during the use of the equipment? Give customers a satisfactory and comprehensive answer within the scope of their ability; if the customer's equipment has problems, ask the problem status and serve the customer with the fastest speed and highest efficiency." The customer's eyes are sharp.
Jianxin Machinery Fujian Cangzhou 50 mixing station was completed Jianxin Machinery Fujian Cangzhou 50 concrete mixing plant was built
Whether the product can stand in the market, not only rely on service to support, product quality is the most basic support point. Since the establishment of Jianxin Machinery for more than 30 years, it has accumulated a large number of customers at home and abroad. When customers have demand, they think of building new machinery for the first time. This is the result of Jianxin Machinery's long-term adherence to quality. Nowadays, new concrete mixing plants, concrete mixers, stabilized soil mixing stations and other equipment are well-known in the market, and customers who come to consult and purchase are in constant stream. If you have equipment, please feel free to contact our sales hotline.

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